The Argo Travel Group has offices in several strategic locations within Greece and abroad, and intends to penetrate additional “key” markets in the near future.

The Group consists of the following fully-owned offices: 

  • Argo Travel Athens: operates both as a DMC and outbound travel agency. 
  • Argo Travel Thessaloniki: the branch of Athens HQ in the second largest city in Greece.  
  • Argo Travel Santorini: our newest branch in the most popular Greek destination. 
  • Argo Travel Geneva: based in Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • Argo Travel London: dedicated to Marine and Corporate travel, based in London, UK. 
  • Argo Travel Shanghai: focuses on outbound business from China to Greece. 

The following associate offices through IMTG Organization: 

Abu Dhabi, Australia, India, Mauritius, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ukraine.

Last but not least, the following divisions are part of the group:

  • Argo Online Travel Services: based in Athens and provides a wide range of B2B and B2C integrated booking platforms and e-marketing solutions.
  • Argo Travel Platinum: based in Athens and focuses on both outbound and inbound VIP/luxury travel services.





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