In the heart of Greece, where breathtaking mountains meet gorgeous beaches and wild rivers flow into the peaceful sea, where nature meets civilization and ancient history finds the modern world… there lies the Region of Central Greece, a land of rich contradictions, intense excitements and unexpected experiences.


It is a place where someone can wander among legends, stroll into great history and eternity through its archaeological sites, achieve serenity and reflect upon the richness and depths of faith in its well-hidden religious treasures, come across its pure nature and experience its warm hospitality.

The Region of Central Greece is divided into five regional units: Viotia, Evia, Evrytania, Fthiotida and Fokida,

This week we will be exploring Evia, our last stop in Central Greece.

Evia: A four seasons destination


Did you know?

Evia is the second largest island of Greece after Crete and the third in the eastern Mediterranean!

Evia is the whole of Greece in one island. A unique world, full of natural surroundings, rich vegetation, clear blue waters, therapeutic springs and cultural heritage. From North to South, from Aidipsos to Karystos, Evia offers outstanding experiences with the beautiful island of Skyros holding a special place.


The tidal phenomenon at the Euripus Strait in Chalkida |The ancient temple of Artemis at Avlida| The ancient theater and the museum at Eretria. /The relic of St. John, The Russian, Ioannis o Rossos at Prokopi |The Dragon Houses “Drakospita” in Southern Evia |The wetlands at Istiaia and Distos’ lake| The beautiful forest at Steni| The house of George Papanikolaou , the “test pap” inventor, at Kimi| The island of Skyros with its famous ponies


Swimming in one of the 120 beaches| Trekking in the canyon of Agali and Dimosari| Climbing one of the 40 labeled mountaineering paths |Canoe- kayak at Manikiati| Surfing in the northern coast of Evia| Bungee jumping at Chalkida’s Bridge| Kitesguru at Pefki. Sailing around Evia island |Horse riding in Agia Anna, Kamatriades, Psaropouli, Pei and Konistres| Mountain bike in Dirfi



The therapeutic springs of Aidipsos| Ouzo and sea food at every seafront of Evia| Lobster spaghetti in Skyros| Homemade “Goglies” or “Kourkoubines” in south Evia| Karystias’ goat meat| Trout at Kampia| Olives and olive oil, honey, figs, cherries and great wines all over the island| The sunset in Marmari

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