Do you know why Grevenà is called "The land of the mushrooms"? Because in the area grow more that 1.300 mushroom species! Whether you are a mushroom lover or a gourmet specialist, in Grevená you will savour the most imaginative dishes, hot mushroom soups and tasty mushroom pies cooked with wild, cultivated, powdered or dried mushrooms, and sprinkled with mushroom liquor or mushroom sauces!


Get to know the city better by taking romantic strolls along the river Grevenitis. Wander around Grevená's main squares: Eleftherias where you can admire the clock tower, the landmark of the city, and Aimilianoú, where you will feel the pulse of the city’s nightlife! Visit the Central Public Library to find historical documents on Grevená; the Boússios Mill, an exceptionally restored 19th century flour mill; the Municipal Museum which houses elephant and wild ox fossils, as well as folklore exhibits, and the Metropolitan church which hosts the ecclesiastic museum.

Welcome the opportunity to visit the nearby village Miliá. The Natural History Museum there boasts a rare palaeontology collection which actually shows the largest mastodon tusks in the world, officially entered in the Guinness book of records!


Return to Grevená in August to attend the "Pan-Hellenic Mushroom Feast" organised by the “Mushroom Friends of Western Macedonia” on the banks of Venétikos river. A perfect occasion to visit the city would also be during the traditional carnival celebrations, the so-called “Anakatosária”, that take place every February. Your trip to Grevená concludes with a half-day excursion to Mastorohória, a beautiful complex of 25 outstanding stone villages nestled comfortably among a dense oak-tree forest.

Mt. Vassilitsa rise to well over 2,200m. The long distance from the sea and the ideal weather conditions create here the most pleasant winter environment. Powder snow covers challenging, intermediate and beginner runs until springtime. Even if fog covers the mountain, you don’t get lost because big looming trees offer visual reference points. Vassilitsa resort is a great favourite for the fans of extreme winter sports. The resort offers a rich variety of first-class facilities: 2 chair lifts, and 6 ski lifts, 16 ski runs of 16km in length, the longest beginners ski run in Greece (3,860m), a snowboarding run (halfpipe available), ski schools, ski rentals, 2 daytime chalets, and 1 guesthouse.


Snowboarders adore Vassilitsa terrains for a variety of reasons, including the first ever jump contest organised here, and the construction of the first halfpipe. Snowboarders can freeride backcountry using natural ramps to get big air (snowboarder’s slang for tumbling leaps to the stratosphere), or slalom using the huge beech trees as guides. But the star attraction is the halfpipe, where expert snowboarders do truly amazing air tricks: they slide, perform carved turns, or handplant on snowboard. Snow enthusiasts can embark on a snow rafting adventure barrelling down the mountain slopes in a hot dog for two, or riding in a 12-passenger raft.

Within a distance of 45km from the city of Grevená, traditional guest houses or first-class hotels offer pleasant and luxurious accommodation. Relax here, and explore all the activities provided in the near-by area.

Set off on a hiking tour at the National Forest Park of Valia Kalda. Join a rafting party to explore the river Venétikos, or participate in jeep-safari excursions. Visit the city of Grevená, the so-called “land of the mushrooms”, and follow a shepherd, who herds its flock, to discover the wild beauty of Samarina, a village amphitheatrically built on the east slopes of the highest peak of the Pindos mountain chain.

Hike through the Pindus National Park - Valia Calda

Set out on a fascinating journey to Valia Calda, in the Grevena district. The name of Warm Valley is euphemistic as it really is one of the country’s coldest and most humid areas. The winter’s snow-covered forested mountainsides change colour in the spring.


The age-old dark green forests of conifers and meadows covered by different shades of green create this unique natural environment. Meet the challenge of exploring the wonders of nature, and feel your adrenaline rise. Travel through amazing trails in an unspoilt paradise where gurgling confluent streams meet Arkoudorema, the largest river of the Park, which eventually flows into the bigger River Aoos. These waters are home to the otter, an aquatic mammal, as well as two species of trout. The E6 trail will get you to the Waterfalls.

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