Some routes are made for winter walking when bitter weather sets in! This charming season lends nature unique colours. History-laden walkways next to rivers and lakes will offer you magnificent tranquil moments in the city.
If crispy cold weather frightens you, put on your coat, hat and gloves and come along with us on a walk to different cities in Greece.


In Epirus region visit Ioannina City built at the NW side of Pamvotida Lake. Ioannina combines rich history and a modern city culture where you’ll enjoy walking by the lake, surrounded by mist and wonderful sculptures along the way! Bask in the tranquility of this lined by trees walk-path and afford a panoramic view of the overwhelming nature landscape and the island in the middle of the lake. When you reach the end of your stroll you can either make a stop at the various tavernas and restaurants on the lake shore and try out Epirus' traditional recipes and fresh trout, or choose among a number of cafés to savour a hot beverage or drink.



In winter there’s is nothing better than to pay a visit to the lady of the North, Thessaloniki. It is a modern, elegant and refined city,bursting with life, and loved by the young and old. Either it is day or night a walk down Thessaloniki’s seafront promenade, called nea paralia in Greek, will definitely be compensating. Your stroll begins from the town’s renowned White Tower and ends at the Concert Hall. Walk next to the waterfront facing Thermaikos Gulf and drink in the view of Mt. Olympus, the mountain of ancient Greek myth. Stroll by the waterfront and come across the statue of Alexander the Great but don’t forget to make a stop and take a picture of the city’s landmark, the renowned art work Umbrellas by Zongolopoulos! If you’d prefer biking, then take advantage of the bike sharing system ThessBike. The city’s lights by the seafront makes pedaling in the evening even more magical.
For more information please visit Thessaloniki’s official site.



Enjoy your winter stroll in Athens on a pedestrian walkway consisting of Dionysiou Areopagitou, Apostolou Pavlou and Ermou streets! These streets are the most fascinating ones in the city as you will come across a panoramic view of ancient Athens and the Acropolis Rock. The architects Kleanthis and Schaubert had envisioned in the past a walkway that would unify all Athenian archaeological sites. On the left side of Dionysiou Areopagitou and Apostolou Pavlou streets stand beautiful buildings with neo-classical and modern architecture dated back to the 19th and early 20th century. The walkway is always packed with people at all times of day, while at night you will find various entertainment options.



Your tour of Trikala begins at the city's central square Iroon Polytechneiou with some charming statues! You can either choose to walk or take a bike ride around this friendly and tranquil town. Start from the main bridge that connects the shores of Lithaiou River, the river of lithis (meaning forgetfulness) according to Greek mythology. Inhale the fresh breeze, sit on a nearby bench and enjoy a hot beverage, next to the river’s residents; ducks and swans. Head towards the pedestrian walkway of Asklipiou, a vibrant city area, filled with shops and cafés. The impressive railway station building is the best way to complete your city stroll.


Hydra Island

Visit Hydra at a stone’s throw away from Athens and enjoy some peaceful and relaxing moments during winter. The Island’s town is amphitheatrically built around the main port with a truly unique architectural style that harmonically blends with the surrounding nature. Winter walks on Hydra Island are ideal. Whether you are on a pursuit for art or simply a history lover, the numerous museums and art exhibitions await you. Start your walk where the town’s beating heart lies; along the waterfront. From this point you’ll find a number of uphill alleys that lead to the old medieval fort town Kiafa, where you’ll enjoy the view to the opposite shore; the Peloponnese. Stroll around the flower-filled cobblestone alleys and see the lavishing stone mansions, who once witnessed an economic growth of the island in the late 18th century. The walk on Hydra Island will most certainly please you since all motor vehicles are banned!


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