A sizeable city in the Thessalian plain, Larissa has never been on anyone’s tourist itinerary except as a main station on the Athens-Thessaloniki rail route. But in the northern outskirts of the city you can glimpse the soaring peak of Mount Olympus on a good day. And if you happen to be into farming, you can check out what’s being planted in the endless acres of flat fields across which a small train trundles for the hour-long trip to Volos and Mount Pilion.

The city of Larissa, which is one of the biggest cities of Greece and the capital of the prefecture of Larissa, lies in the center of the eastern part of Thessaly and has the face of a contemporary and modern city, in which there is a plethora of big squares, beautiful parks, historical and archeological monuments, as well as other cultural spots. It is a commercial, industrial, military and transportation center.


Its name is pre-Hellenic, of a Pelasgian origin, and means a “powerfully fortified hill” or “stronghold”. According to mythology Larissos, son of Pelasgos, built the city in the Pelasgian era. The city has been inhabited for almost 4,000 years and its history is really admirable.
Larissa is the seat of: the region of Thessaly, the Tactical Airforce Headquarters, the first Army, the NATO Military Headquarters, the Municipal & Regional Theatre of Larissa – Thessalian Theatre-, the University Department of Medicine and the Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, and the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa.



• Larissa stretches over an area of 1,900 hectares, traversed by the river Pinios.
• The climate of the city is continental and the average annual temperature is about 17o C, whereas during the summer the weather can be extremely hot, sometimes exceeding the 45o C.
• The center of the city has been 70% pedestrianized, so it is ideal for a pleasant stroll.
• In the center of Larissa there are two big squares: Central Square and Tachidromiou (Post Office) Square, which are both entertainment and relaxation spots.
• The sights and the old market quarter maintain an intact color of the city’s past.



In Larissa there are:
• Big hotels as well as smaller hotel units
• Both a railway and a road network that connect Larissa with the rest of Greek mainland.
• Two Hospitals: Larissa University General Hospital and Larissa Prefecture General Hospital.
• Big parks and squares.
• Sports facilities of especially high standards..

Larissa offers:

• Lots of fun in a wide range of cafeterias, cafes and clubs.
• Interesting gourmet suggestions, accompanied with the traditional liquor named “tsipouro”.
• Relaxation, following the rhythm of nature, in its parks.
• Numerous cultural events -theatre, music, art or sports.
• A big and high quality marketplace that can satisfy all consumer needs.

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