Thessaloniki is a city that loves Arts and an open-air museum showcasing its vast history, its numerous monuments. A stroll through the streets and alleys of the city will travel you back to the Byzantine Era thanks to the monuments dating back to these times. Visit churches of outstanding architecture, such as Panagia (Virgin) Acheiropoiitos, Agios Dimitrios, Virgin Dexia, Agia Sofia, Virgin of Chalkeon, Agios Ioannis (an underground church), the Rotunda of Agios Georgios. This cream of Byzantine piety characterizes the neighbourhoods of Thessaloniki and defines its personality. The ancient and Roman past is there, but the true character of the city lies in its Byzantine magnificence.

Beyond its historic wealth, Thessaloniki is a patron of the Αrts: painting, poetry, prose, cinema, theatre, photography and music are showcased and promoted in this city. Its great cultural legacy lives on and flows out through melodies, exhibitions, galleries and discussions among philosophers.

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Culture and Arts

Thessaloniki is home to some of the most important museums in Greece. The Archaeological Museum houses the greatest achievements of Macedonian Civilization, covering the area’s significant history. You can travel back in time and see artefacts dating back from prehistoric times to Early Christianity. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki was founded in 1912, immediately after the liberation of the city. Following the museum’s renovations in 2006, it has become an educational hub handing down the history of Macedonia.
The Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture, the State Museum of Modern Art and the Folk Museum of Macedonia-Thrace safeguard the age-old culture of the city.
One of the most important museums is the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki. The Jewish element thrived in Thessaloniki, creating strong bonds with the Christian population and a community respecting diversity. The violent expulsion of the Jews during World War II hurt both communities.
Visit numerous theme museums that contribute to the history of the Arts. They make history unfold in front of your eyes by showcasing exhibits of various fields. These are: The Museum of Radio, located on the site of the Thessaloniki International Fair; the Photography Museum; the Goulandris Natural History Museum; the Sports Museum and the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum; the Railway Museum, the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments; the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle; the War Museum and the Teloglion Foundation of Art.

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Theatre and Cinema

Thessaloniki has a long history in theatre and cinema. The State Theatre of Northern Greece, various schools and troupe of actors, have established the city’s theatrical tradition. Cinema has been linked to Thessaloniki not only due to its Festival, but because the city has been chosen as a setting for many films.


The poets of Thessaloniki are somewhat of an emblem for the town and proof of its great and lasting culture. The city’s aura, its rich history, the sea view and the locals’ sensitive nature are what make its poets inspirational. Some of the greatest, internationally acclaimed, Greek poets were born in Thessaloniki – and many among them have refused to leave. Poets adore Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki generously reciprocates.

Art Galleries
Visit more than 80 private galleries housing the work of upcoming artists. The School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is one of the foremost in Europe.
Great artists covering the entire range of visual and performing arts exhibit their work in Thessaloniki, giving you the opportunity to experience their quests.

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Thessaloniki has a special bond with the art form of music. Multicultural music mingles with Greek sounds and makes up a fascinating combination. It is fairly common to hear a virtuoso from Iran playing a qanun or a band from Chile playing its exotic notes in Aristotelous Square. The Byzantine music schools in Thessaloniki produce musical culture through traditional workshops and bands that kick off in this city but go on to conquer the world’s stages. The city’s music culture is represented at its Concert Hall which hosts various events such as concerts, opera and more.

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