Drone Video Captures The Glory Of Mycenae, The Enigmatic Stronghold Of The Bronze Age ‘Greeks’


The fortified late Bronze Age settlement of Mycenae in the Argolid plain, which gives its name to the Mycenaean civilization, is an enigma of history. Possibly dated from circa 1600 BC, the stronghold was inhabited for around five centuries, and possibly reached its peak at circa 1350 BC, when the population reached over 30,000 people. 

This apical stage of the Mycenaean state is represented by the numerous fascinating finds at the Mycenae site, including one of the first specimens of decipherable Greek language – known as the Linear B script, and the renowned Mask of Agamemnon – a tangible item that fueled the reveries related to Homer’s epic works. Such cultural attributes are complemented by the magnificent architectural accomplishments of these Bronze Age inhabitants, ranging from the palatial megaron to the iconic Lion’s Gate.

Most these incredible elements are presented in the drone captured video below...

 With info from REALM OF HISTORY





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