A Gastronomic Journey of Greece

What is the first thing that comes to mind, when one thinks of Greece?
Is it its picturesque whitewashed islands and the bluest of blue seas, the Aegean?
Is it its five millennia of cultural heritage and history defining moments and inventions?
Is it perhaps its ever-present and abundant kallos?
Or could it be its unique Mediterranean cuisine that has so emphatically influenced Greek culture and still defines Greek life even today?

Ask any Greek, they will undoubtedly agree that “there is no sincerer love than the love of food” (George Bernard Shaw).


All Greeks are foodies and for a good reason!

Whether you like meat or fish or perhaps none of the above, there is a plethora of options to moisten your palate!

Fresh fish daily caught in the Aegean Sea, grass-fed meat, luscious seasonal vegetables and fruit free of pesticides, all kinds of mouth-watering cheese, cured meats, nuts and spices, palatable wines and nutritious olive oil; practically anything your heart desires for a newly found appreciation of life – Greece has it all!

Join us and let us take you on a life-changing gastronomic journey of Greece through the ages!


We shall spend four hours gastronomically exploring the city of Athens with all five senses:

  • We will blend in with Athenian shoppers in the city’s central meat and fish markets and learn from the best how to carefully pick the day’s catch simply by touching it.
  • We will navigate ourselves through the mesmerizing scents of the spice and herb agorae, and try to identify the ingredients of some of the most popular Greek dishes.
  • We will appreciate how Greek cuisine blends more than just flavors and smells – Have you ever paid attention to how colorful Greek dishes are?
  • We will nibble on more local delicacies than anyone could possibly survive in a day – raw and cooked, sweet and sour, fresh and fermented – anything your heart and mind desires.
  • No food experience in Athens would be complete if not accompanied by the sound of music! We will initiate you to perhaps the oldest Greek tradition surviving today - feasting to folk music!

Last, but not least, we will let you in to the secrets of the so-called Greek liquid gold, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil! You will learn how to select, taste and appreciate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bust all the common myths, and most importantly how to integrate this nutritional treasure into your daily life.

After all, the Athenians were gifted the olive tree by Goddess Athena – the winning stake against Poseidon in naming the city – and as a result they became the first to expertly cultivate olive trees in the European Mediterranean area.

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