Break an egg...!

Have you ever wondered what the red Easter egg symbolizes or why it’s the centerpiece of every Greek Easter table?

To start with, the shell of the Easter egg symbolizes the tomb of Christ which explains why Greeks crack them on Easter Sunday – a meaningful symbolism of Christ’s resurrection that signifies the braking of the gates of the underworld and the eternal victory over death for all humanity.

Unlike Easter eggs in other countries, Greek Easter eggs can only be found in the red color. Red is the color of life and victory, however Easter eggs in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches are traditionally dyed red to also symbolize the blood of Christ.

Easter eggs are usually dyed on Holy Thursday in commemoration of the Last Supper, the last meal that Lord Jesus shared with his disciples in Jerusalem right before his arrest and eventual crucifixion.


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“Tsougrisma” is one of the oldest Greek Easter traditions and refers to the cracking of the Easter egg. It involves two or more players who take turns in banging the Easter eggs against each other. Naturally, one or even both eggs will crack at which point the participants exchange wishes: “Christos Anesti (=Christ has risen)” to which the other person replies “Alithos Anesti (=Truly, He has risen)”.

City Break for Easter break!

With Easter around the corner, Greece offers so many beautiful destinations for a short and yet unforgettable trip!

For those who don’t have anything planned yet, why not take a magical Easter break to Thessaloniki! Thessaloniki offers a unique Greek Easter experience heavily influenced by its long and rich Byzantine tradition.


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Don’t miss:

  • The procession at Aghios Minas church at 5 pm on Good Friday - one of the first Christian churches of Thessaloniki and one of the few not to be turned into a mosque under the Ottomans.
  • The Holy Saturday midnight service at Vlatadon Monastery in the picturesque neighborhood of Ano Poli offering majestic vistas to the city.
  • The hundreds of handheld candles lit at Aghia Sophia church in the heart of Thessaloniki on Holy Saturday.
  • Aghios Nikolaos Orphanos church, one of the city’s hidden treasures, and a definite attraction during the Holy Week.
  • The mystical Castles of Thessaloniki, an endless complex of walls, towers and fortifications with unique archaeological, architectural and historical significance. Lose yourself in the little streets of the “Upper City”, enjoy the setting sun and take some of your best spring pictures!
  • The Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, if you are culturally desirous and can’t wait to explore the city’s journey through the ages.


/ St. Paul's Church in Thessaloniki /

Immerse yourself in Thessaloniki’s abundant beauty – take a trip back in time this Easter in one of the most celebrated cities of Greece!

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