Climbing to the Top - Greece Ranks 5th for Summer 2019

According to Virtuoso, Greece ranked as one of the 10 world’s leading destinations for the Summer of 2019 (or for this Summer) on luxury travel network based on future bookings and inclusive of travel in June, July and August.

Europe is a very popular destination amongst travelers not just for cultural reasons, but also because of its diverse gastronomy and high level of (or luxury) services. 

Greece ranked fifth this year, one place higher than 2018.

There are plenty of reasons for putting this beautiful Mediterranean country
on your bucket list, however here are the top ones for the trip of a lifetime:

  1. The History: Western civilization has a lot to thank the Greeks for. Immerse yourself in five millennia of history, culture and world defining events.
    good1Whichever era you may be interested in, Pre-historical, Classical, Roman, Byzantine or modern, there are hundreds of museums, sites and edifices to satisfy your historical and cultural desire. Take our word for it, you will not be disappointed!

  2. The People & Hospitality: When it comes to hospitality and welcoming people, Greece comes second to none! You have never really experienced true hospitality unless you have visited Greece.
    Home to the most kind and inviting people, you will always be warmly welcomed whether it be at a random restaurant, a stranger’s family celebration or a slice of mouthwatering watermelon!
  3. The food: Once you visit Greece, it will not take long before you realize that local culture and any kind of social interaction revolves around food. Success and failure, life and death, happiness and sorrow are all celebrated with great food in ample quantities! Greek cuisine is so diverse and delicious that you are guaranteed a unique gastronomic experience.
    Gastronomic Tours in Greece!

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    Famous for its organic vegetables, grains, beans and legumes, for its open pasture grass-fed meats and fresh open sea fish and seafood, there is a dish to satisfy every need, vegetarian and vegan included! Must-try food includes fresh-caught seafood, a REAL gyro (pronounced, yee-row) with tzatziki, roasted lamb with potatoes, the traditional cheese named “feta” and local wine if you please (some of the most famous Greek wines are Assyrtiko, Retsina, Agiorgitiko and Vinsanto). Should you want to refresh and rejuvenate yourself the Greek way,  try the local iced-coffee, Frappé, served with milk and sugar.  Lastly, don’t miss the world-famous Greek olives that come in several varieties, sizes and colors! A tip for the uninitiated: if you are offered food, just take it! For starters, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to taste anything homemade, and most importantly you wouldn’t want to offend the locals by refusing their offer! Greek hospitality comes at a cost – great quantities of food!
  4. The Budget-friendliness: You can easily have a nice vacation in Greece with good food and accommodation without breaking the bank. Irrespectively of the negative publicity of the recent past, Greece and its economy has been growing healthier and stronger by the day.
    Prices took a hit and haven’t fully recovered yet meaning that there are plenty of great deals waiting for you, be it accommodation, food or just good old shopping! Should you take the road less travelled, you will be surprised by how inexpensive your stay in Greece can be.
  5. The city of Athens: Words cannot fully describe how amazing, cosmopolitan and diverse Athens really is. No trip to Greece would ever be complete without a walk up the Acropolis rock to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the famous Parthenon. Sitting atop a rocky hill, the ancient temple devoted to Goddess Athena has been watching over the city of Athens for more than two millennia – definitely worth the hike!
    good5Don’t miss the Acropolis Museum resting on the Acropolis foot – you will get a first-hand experience of the Parthenon’s architecture and ornated decorations all the while appreciating the excavations beneath your feet through the glass floor! Should you have a flair for shopping, Athens offers plenty shopping options, from small boutiques to mega malls.
  6. The language: It may all be Greek to you, but you will be surprised to learn that you already speak Greek without even knowing it! Difficult as it may be, Greek words and terminology adorn most western languages, including English of course (about one third of all English words are borrowed from the Greek language).
    good6Tip for the religiously desirous traveler: Did you know that the New Testament was written in Greek?
  7. The proximity: Location, location, location! Try opening any world map and putting your finger on its center: you are guaranteed to land on Greece! Smack dab among Europe, Asia and Africa, it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
    good7Same applies to its numerous little islands that are connected with Athens via ferry boats and hydrofoils, the preferred means of transport amongst locals (special rates apply to Students in most cases)
  8. The nightlife: Greeks are known for their outgoing character and love to celebrate life, which in return becomes evident in their nightlife. No need to be a party animal to have a good time. You are guaranteed to have plenty of options, regardless of your preferred type of entertainment.
    good8Open-air cinemas, sea-front restaurants, relaxed bars and posh nightclubs, all within a short drive from your hotel. Should you feel adventurous, don’t miss on the opportunity to visit “bouzoukia” (pronounced boo-zoo-kia) - large concert halls with live music performances by Greece’s finest. Dress your best and expect to be dancing on tables until the wee hours of the morning. If on the other hand you are planning to visit the islands, you’ll never be far from a beach bar or a nightclub where you can dance all night to European jams before your sunrise dip in the Mediterranean!
  9. The islands: You will surprised to find out how different every island is compared to the next one. Be it the architecture, the landscape, the culture, the music, the food, nothing is and feels the same on any two Greek islands!
    good10Whether you are looking for a party island, a cultural trip back in time, a soothing body experience, a gastronomic extravaganza or any kind of alternative activities, there will always be an island to satisfy your needs.
  10. The beaches: Same applies to Greece’s diverse coastline. Some beaches have crystal blue waters, while others are more turquoise in color. You might come across a beach with soft billowy sand, yet another covered in small pebbles or even seashells.
    good9Wherever you go, make sure you bring an underwater camera with you to capture the experience! Don’t’ forget that the weather is perfect for beach outings from as early as May through as late as October!

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