Participation of foreign Hosted Buyers to Fam Trips in Attica, Argolis, Santorini and Lesvos Islands

ARGO TRAVEL GROUP hosted a total of 37 carefully selected Buyers from 16 different countries in two Fam Trips. The Hosted Buyers came from Europe, North America and Asia - the Middle East included – and several countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, USA, India, Thailand and Vietnam.


In particular, 16 of the highest acclaimed travel agents of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi were hosted for the first time in a Fam Trip (28/10 – 4/11) to Athens and Santorini, and also had the opportunity to visit Lesvos Island. During their stay, the Hosted Buyers visited a plethora of cultural sites, including UNESCO Word Heritage Sites and Museums, were introduced to various Hotels at each destination and participated in a number of carefully designed activities drawing from local culture.


It is worth noting that Lesvos Island was the high note of their visit as the Buyers were swept off their feet by the beautiful landscape, long history, diverse gastronomy and overall authenticity of the island. The Buyers were briefly greeted by Vice Governor of North Aegean, Mr. Panagiotis Koufelos.


Furthermore, an additional 21 carefully selected travel agents from 15 different European, Asian and North American countries were hosted to a Fam Trip in Attica and Argolis (13-16/11). The agents were invited by ARGO TRAVEL GROUP as Hosted Buyers attending the 1st Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Forum and B2B Networking Session in Athens preceding Greek Panorama on Alternative Tourism at Zappeion Megaron. The Hosted Buyers were given the opportunity to interact with Greek Alternative Tourism professionals, to explore the myriad activities and options available to travel enthusiasts in destination Greece and to experience a part of Greece less explored. Moreover, they participated in carefully designed gastronomical experiences drawing from Athenian and Peloponnesian culinary culture.


ARGO TRAVEL is unequivocally committed to further promoting and establishing Greece as an all-round 365-days-a-year destination, and will tirelessly endorse any activity that serves this high purpose.

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