New Office Director, ARGO TRAVEL Thessaloniki

ARGO TRAVEL is happy to announce the appointment of Mrs. Nopi Savvidou as the new Office Director of its Thessaloniki Office.

thessMrs. Savvidou carries a long experience in the travel industry and will help maintain the high level or services offered by ARGO TRAVEL Thessaloniki.

ARGO TRAVEL aims, with the help of its newly-appointed Director, to enhance its brand in Northern Greece, to spill over accumulated knowhow over the last seven decades and to expand its range of products and services, including corporate travel, incoming tourism and M.I.C.E., all the while using modern technology and innovative solutions.

ARGO TRAVEL Management would like to thank the outgoing Manager, Mrs. Dora Damvounelli, for her contribution to our Thessaloniki Branch since its establishment, and to wish her best of luck in her future endeavors. Throughout the years, her aptitude and persistence has secured a strong clientele not just in Thessaloniki but also in Northern Greece.

ARGO TRAVEL remains unequivocally committed to further-establishing Greece as an all-round 365-days-a-year destination by pioneering innovative products and services accentuating destinations all over Greece.

Athens, February 24, 2020





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