Greece’s plan to normalcy for the travel sector

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Kalimera from radiant Greece!

There is no question that 2020 started with a bang testing everyone’s reflexes and professionalism. The good news is that the worst is over, nationally at least and hopefully globally as well.

We can safely say that Greeks are eager to make the most of the beautiful weather having successfully survived two months of lockdown and triumphantly prevented the spread of the corona virus.

You have probably read in the media about how effectively Greek authorities addressed the pandemic challenges, something that we are all greatly thankful for. There is no shortage of praises in The New York Times, The Telegraph, Le figaro, The Sun, Bild, Die Zeit, CNN, ABC and so many more on how diligent fellow Greeks have been against the virus.

Greece is currently ranked as one of the safest destinations in Europe, with high testing numbers, low confirmed cases and even lower casualties. Our health authorities closely monitor the situation and new case expectations for the following weeks are approaching zero.


As of this week, all secondary and high schools are back in session, much to the disappointment of students who would rather spend their mornings by the beach! Most businesses have reopened, including retail shops, and starting next week you will be able to enjoy your favorite coffee, Greek dish and cocktail anywhere in the country at the comfort of your table, be it by the sea, under the stars, across the Parthenon or overlooking the Aegean! No need for takeaway anymore, although long strolls in good company were truly treasured during the lockdown.

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Without a question, reopening the travel sector is still a challenge and Greek authorities remain wisely cautious to protect personnel and travelers equally. The government announced yesterday a comprehensive plan to normalcy, which in a nutshell enforces the following milestones:

May 11                

  • Retail shops reopened

May 18                

  • Shopping malls reopened
  • Secondary and High schools reopen- AEGEAN AIRLINES enhance domestic connections to major Greek destinations
  • International flights to Athens International Airport from select international destinations restored
  • Ferry connection to the Island of Crete restored
  • Road connection on mainland Greece and to Evia island restored

May 25                

  • Restaurants, cafes and bars start serving seated customers
  • AEGEAN AIRLINES restore domestic connections all over Greece
  • Yachting permitted
  • Ferry connections to all domestic destinations restored

June 1                  

  • City and all-year-round hotels and camping sites reopen
  • Road connections with the Balkans restored

June 15              

  • Seasonal hotels and resorts reopen
  • All international flights to Athens International Airport restored

July 1                

  • Direct international flights to all Greek airports restored

It is worth mentioning that Greek authorities monitor developments on a 24 hours basis and are prepared to adjust accordingly. Citizens and travelers have to abide by social distancing instructions that limit the number of customers per footage when indoors, and that require the use of a mask in public transport, taxis and hospitals. Moreover, health and safety protocols are currently being drafted and put in place for all hotels, airports and airlines before all restrictions are finally lifted. Crucially, travelers are not subject to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival nor to prior testing.

For a comprehensive list of all international flights to Greece (Athens International Airport) currently scheduled click here.

All in all, Greece boasts as one of the safest destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean, and has proven its prudence, level of preparation and responsibility against any health challenge.

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Before you go

We are not trying to sugarcoat the pandemic, but there is always a silver lining even in the most difficult of situations:

Health professionals, first responders, civil servants, grocery store staff and many many more professionals have given their all to serve us over the past few months. Now it is their time to take a break and blow some steam off.

Where will YOU send your clients if not to a safe, sunlit destination with emerald waters, amazing food, the world’s richest history and most hospitable people?

Do them a favor and we will in return deliver the Greek experience of a lifetime!

Stay safe, stay healthy, visit Greece!
Sas perimenoume! (We are expecting you!)





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