Marine & Offshore Travel Services

Marine & Offshore Travel Services for Greek & Multinational Shipping Companies

Global Marine Ticketing Databank Fare Finder guarantying the best available fares for crew travel arrangements worldwide. Chartered flights for passengers and cargo, real-time service 24/7 by dedicated marine staff and executives. Presence in countries and locations that are crucial to the multinational shipping and offshore industry, enabling us to provide global travel solutions and at the same time, create room for customization to local particularities. Offering the lowest marine airfares on last seat availability on all reputable carriers by using reliable all cutting edge technology GDS ticketing platforms. The Argo Travel Group with more than 60 years of IATA experience is considered as one of the leading consolidators of marine fares worldwide.

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Crew Movers & Service Providers worldwide

Being a market leader in Marine & Offshore Travel since 1952, guarantees that your crew and staff will be there on time, economically and reliably. We develop solutions that support our customers in driving down the overall costs of their crew movement. Contrary to what has become common in our industry, we do not just focus on the price of a ticket but we go beyond providing solutions for maximizing “value for money” travel and crew movement operations.


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Centralized Operations & Management Information

For International Shipping and Offshore Companies having access to accurate, transparent and fully consolidated data is crucial in managing the costs of their crew changes. Our centralized operations are based on reporting tools that have been developed to provide every customer with a complete breakdown of the amounts spent while travelling. Our reports can be used for various purposes, such as for supplier negotiations, monitoring compliancy with your travel policies, and budgeting. These reporting tools allow for customization and can be tailor-made if our customer requires this.


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